A Work of Non-Fiction

DSC01111Vancouver City. Credits to Me.

Meraki: (n). the soul, love, or creativity put into something; the essence of yourself that you put into your work.

It’s a Wednesday and I’m sitting on a chair at work watching a door. It’s fascinating, really. The sun fades. The walls ring. There are distant voices of people speaking into oblivion. And me? Well, I’m just sitting here. Quietly. Pensive. Dreamy. And oh so bored.

I’ve never written works of non fiction; my forte is fiction. Making up stories and creating a world that you make come to life with the simple use of words.


Aren’t words fascinating? They make up everything. And when I say everything, I mean literally everything.

“Maybe I could pass on something that I had learned to someone else; maybe I could make a difference.”

And then I thought about my love for words and wisdom and decided that this, this is what I would do. Ramble on blog posts hoping, thinking, maybe I could make someone smile. Maybe I could pass on something that I had learned to someone else; maybe I could make a difference.

And this difference starts today.

A few things you should know about me: I’m odd, like really really odd. I ramble a lot and I’m really shy. Sometimes. Other times I don’t know what the word shy is. If I like you (hint: I probably don’t, no offence) then I’ll be the best and weirdest friend you’ve ever had. If I don’t like you (hint: you will know) then I’m sorry (not really, I’m really polite and considerate). Chances are, if you have a cat, I will love you. If you don’t, well… Get a cat. Cats give me life (I’m actually super allergic to cats but we don’t talk about that).

For the longest time I was told that I have an interesting life (spoiler alert: I don’t). It’s probably because when I start talking I don’t shut up and I do so many stupid things that I just… Say them. It may also be my way of delivering stories. Charisma.

I think the point is: take my words as seriously as you wish. Sometimes I’m wise. Most of the time, I’m just weird.

Meraki. The name of this blog: [in] Meraki.

My first wise words (they aren’t really mine): do everything you do with love, creativity: make it you.